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The Archive

1997 to present

Download the Coburn & Mulligan Gazette 2012  2012  [Download pdf]  Children Vanish from Household: our big year of milestones; Class war on the Banks of the Cam; Obituaries: Sylvia Coburn and Margaret Morris; Nice Year for a White Wedding; Back Garden Safari; Taking the Bamboo out of Bamboozle; Spot the Shoots; Workers of the COST project unite! Platform Souls; Plague Inc.; Cambridge Risk Centre First Outputs; Editorial Independence; The Graduate; Turtle Rescue in the Caribbean; Olympian Heights; A Tale of Two Hurricanes.

Download the Coburn & Mulligan Gazette 2011  2011 [Download pdf]  In the Heart of the Dragon: our visit to China; Bumps A-Daisy; Tabitha's Wedding; family Formal Hall; Retrofit Rockets; Shrink to Fit; Student Life, Libraries and CEx; RMS LifeRisks - Rebranded (twice); Reconstruction Miracle; University Risk Centre; Classified - getting security clearance; Wheels of Destiny; Students eh?; Alice Gets the Lab Bug; Dublin Up; Bat Safari; Gridiron Grins; Working for the Man; All's Well That Ends.

2010 [Download pdf] Survival of the Fittest: our holiday on Galapagos Islands; 2010 Bumps party coincides with England's opening game of the soccer World Cup; Obituary: Leonard Coburn; A Bird on the Hand; iFad; Getting a Bigger CAR; Retro Fit for the Future; RMS Joins Top Table with Growth Plan; Interactive Architecture; China Trade Mission; Life in the Fast Lane; Acropolis Now; Face Fungus; The University Challenge.

Coburn & Mulligan Gazette 2009 Newsletter pdf download 2009 [Download pdf] Our Pyramid Scheme: seeking refuge from the financial crisis among the monuments of ancient Egypt; Bank Crisis During Liquidity Shortage - Bumps Party 2009; Barcelona Nights; Birthday Girls; Unwelcome House Guest; Our Babies All Been Done Grown Up; CAR Saleswoman - Helen's China business trip; Getting Retrofit; Living COST; Emerging Leadership; Cambridge University Risk Studies Initiative; Ritorno in Italia; Gowned in Paris; Alice Comes to Jesus; Back Down the Pub; Coburn of the Fourth Form; Browned Off.

Coburn & Mulligan Gazette Newsletter 2008 pdf download 2008 [Download pdf] Hunting Tigers Out in India: Exploring India; Other Tales from Our Corner; Bumps Crowd Nearly Behaves Itself - Bumps Party Report; Couldn't Keep Away from California; Nth Degree - Helen gets her MBA; Shrinking Network That Just Keeps Growing; China Earthquake; Micro-Insurance and Disaster Mitigation; RMS Activities; Chinese Whispers; Henry in Italy; Henry Grows Another Foot; Out of the Red and into the Black; Ah! Those Russians; Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre; Work and Experience.

Coburn & Mulligan Gazetter Newsletter 2007 pdf download 2007 [Download pdf]  Four Wet Parties and a Funeral: A year of milestones, memories, and passings; Life is a Beach; Oxfam Walk; Family Fortunes; A is for Alice and A Levels begin; Up Creek With Paddle; Dr. Ian Mulligan - Obituary; Teenage Kicks; Assaults on the Home Front; Honey I Shrunk the City - Helen's research network now takes in cities on the rebound; MBA C'est le Business; Risks of Death and Risks of Life - New areas of business for Andrew's work with RMS; Andrew's 50th: Pay Attention Blonde!; Brolly Boating Weather: Bumps Party 2007; Legge Family Reunion; Jerry's 50th, Simon's 50th; Andy's 50th; C.A.R.'s 20th; Andrew & Helen's 20th.

Coburn & Mulligan Gazette Newsletter 2006 pdf download 2006 [Download pdf]  Into Africa: Our safari through the South African game reserves; California Revisited - Back to the Bay to catch up with old friends; Biarritz Crackers - Reunion holiday for three families brought together by deep breathing exercises; Super-Heriocs on the River; The Other Family - foxes in the garden; Saying goodbye to Tony Sylvester; Shrinking Cities Shrink the World; Where do they get their energy? - Helen's work on the London Olympics 2010; Calculating the odds of a Pandemic; Children's Books; Go Kart Kids; Novel Wedding; Some Corner of a Foreign Field; Her Chance in Court; A Family Year; Quinquagenarianism.

_2005 [Download pdf] [Go to Web Page Version] Back in Our Corner: After three years in the U.S. we move back to Cambridge; Vanishing Trick - our farewell to California; Hawaii Sleigh Bells - our Xmas holiday; Hot Bumps party, and Helen's Trouble on the Ski Piste; Reductive Planning - Helen's shrinking city project; Powerful Facades; Katrina Tops off a Record Catastrophe Season; Back into Uniform; Monster Movie; Watching the Radio; Henry's Public Reading; Midnight Pottery; Scratch-O-Matic;

Rally Composite final 86x64.jpg (2851 bytes) 2004 [Download pdf]  [Go to Web Page Version]  A Second Term Mandate: We extend our American adventure for an additional year to watch the 2004 Presidential election, among other things; View from the Spy Glass; The Hattest Party in Town; New York New York - So good we went there twice; Explosive Program; Catastrophe, Injury and Insurance; RAND Center; Pat Pending; Expanding Horizons: Shrinking Cities; New Under the Sun; Screenwriting Evenings; Administrative Affairs; Monster Year for RMS; Sheer Murder; Sirens Signal Victory;  Mulligan Bends Coach's Ear; Tsunamis Swamp League; Fashion; Raving; Whiner Gets Birthday Treat.

Gazette 2003 2003  How the West Was Won: Our adventure continues with our first complete year in the U.S.; The Usual Bumps Party Report; Visitors to California; Grandma and Grandpops score 50; Back to Eden; Dentistry in America; Deliverance from our canoeing trip; Mars Viewing; RMS Posts Record Results; Energy Efficiency in California; Terrorism Risk Work Receives Recognition; Film Reviews; Harry Potty; Thar She Blows; Little League Baseball; Sculptured.

Gazette 2002 2002  Coburns in California: Our great American adventure gets underway; Bumps party 2002; California Holiday - theme park rides and animals; Carbon Emission Trading Project at Berkeley; Terrorism Bill Gives Boost to Risk Modeling; Earthquake Protection - publication of second edition; Giants baseball review; Quake Watch and 'Spot the Difference' competition.

Gazette 2001 2001  Hats Off to the Winners: The Bumps party featured boaters and bonnets; Animal X-Files; Ivory Trading Still Preacticed in Parts of East Anglia; A Big Welcome to Misi; Ditton Corner Shrinks!; C.A.R. Dealings; DEMULOG Project; Dot.Bombed; Most Wanted; Options Open; Earthquake in India; World Trade Center Disaster; In the Footsteps of Odysseus; London Eye Saw; British Grand Prix; Robot Wars Live.

Gazette 2000 2000  All Done Bar the Snagging: Our Move to Ditton Corner; Family Goes Downhill; Timberrr!!; Squirrel Eats Mouse; New Ventures in RMS; TLAs Rule OOK?; Ditton Corner - Staging post in Cam Races; As Old as the Fens.

Eclipse thumbnail.jpg (3735 bytes) 1999  Totally Eclipsed: Following the penumbra in Cornwall; School report; Welcome to Kriszta; Doing the Millennium Wheel; St. Peters for Easter; Turkey Earthquake; AiMing High; RMS dotcom; CURBE Crawl; Reinsurance Book.

Men in a tub thumbnail.jpg (3073 bytes) 1998   Small Change: Adventures in America; Alice's New School; Livin' in a Lighthouse; The Reluctant Mince Pie; World Cup Football Report; St. Peters for Easter; Sold to the Man in the Zebra-Skin Jacket; Cambridge Architectural Research Reinvests; CURBE Launch.

97 Grapes thumbnail.jpg (3260 bytes) 1997  Vintage Year in Chateau Coburne; Coburns Down Under;  Florida Adventures;  Top notch;  Forty Somethings; Photo Finnish; Spider Invasion;   Photo summary of the year;  C.A.R. marks 10th anniversary;  CARtograph invades Europe.