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Family Photo Album

Family Photo Album

  • Andy never stops.  Ever since Hemant gave him that digital camera.  Here for the less squeamish are selections from the family snapbook...

Family Portrait July 2001

Family on Alamo Hill overlooking San Francisco

A winter in San Francisco

Happy New Year from the frozen banks of Ditton Corner

Family on El Cerrito hill overlooking Bay Area

Overlooking San Francisco from El Cerrito

Winter arrives at Ditton Corner...

Our first winter at Ditton Corner...


Family and daffodils

...and our first spring

Family underwater

Surviving the late spring in a French swimming pool

Family in blossom shower 1999

Snowing in the orchard


In Piazza Novona in Rome at Easter 1999

Fountains in the sunshine in Piazza Novona in Rome.


Alice & Henry with mating tortoises

Better than wildlife programs.   Children learn the facts of life at Linton Zoo.

Family with San Francisco skyline

It's windy on the other side of San Francisco bay

Family on Dordogne 1997

Family with Sanna the Au Pair in Dordogne

That's going to be our new home

That's going to be our new house.   Sizing up the problem as the building work begins, November 1999.


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