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Life in Novato
Canoe Trip
Yosemite 2002
Summer Hols 2002
School Days


Coburns in California

Horse riding at Grand Canyon

We had a wonderful time in the U.S. from 2002 to 2005.

Here's a brief record of our great adventures.

Our place in Spyglass

We lived in a house on Spyglass Hill in Oakland.

Alice Henry and Helen at our new Spyglass house

It was close to Alice & Henry's school and it had a fabulous view of the San Francisco Bay:

The view from our house on Spyglass hill

Alice says 'Howareya?'

(Watch Alice carefully)

Greetings from California!

Henry going in to bat

Our Adventures

Plenty of other news and pictures from our great American adventure

Four Divers on Maui Diving in Hawaii

Henry & Andy Statue of Liberty


Taking Liberties in New York


Henry looks through Rachel Telescope at Chabot Out and About in California

Hear all about:

Henry watched the dolphins Our dolphin safari in San Diego

Masonic front room with Henry How we first settled in Life in the Masonic Lodge.

Everyone congas Our holiday with millions of incoming guests

In the convertable Our great house exchange in Novato

Celebrating fans Our sports report

Down the rock trail  Our Visit to Yosemite

Henry Gives a Reading

Henry reads his contribution to the Dayton Tribune

at Cody's Bookstore, Berkeley, of his contribution to The Dayton Tribune edited by Vanessa Thill and Kelly Reed (flanking Henry), followed by a signing by all the child authors.

Alice's Exhibition

Alice had a sculpture selected for an exhibition by her art teacher, David Hershcopf (Hershey to his friends).  The opening party was in a gallery in Berkeley.  Absolutely fabulous dwarlings.


Alice outside gallery

The Shamwari exhibition gallery in Berkeley with one of the exhibiting artists out front.

Alice with her sculpture

Alice holds her piece - a baboon's head, exhibited alongside some works from African artists.

Alice at the exhibition opening party

Anyone who was anyone was at the opening exhibition party, lovey.

Henry's Baseball

Obviously when you go for the full American experience, you have to get into the whole baseball thing.  Henry wore the number 8 shirt of the Zephyrs, a Little League team of the North Oakland South Oakland (or NoSo, obviously).  He's making a play at the plate with the best of them.


Henry at Short Stop

Henry at short stop.  Keep that focus.


Henry batting

Action photo of the play.  Go Zephyrs!  Go Henry!


Henry swings a bat

Where's the crease?  A whole different ballgame.


Helen goes Beserkeley

Helen on Berkeley campus

She's doing her bit to combat global warming...find out how.

Grandma Edna's Visit


Family & Grandma Edna above the Golden Gate Bridge

Great to have Grandma Edna visit.  We did a bit of sightseeing...


Brunch in Sausalito with Grandma Edna

...had some great meals out...


Edna as the beach babe

...and hung out on the beach...


Alice in the waves

...with all the other beach babes.