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Canoe trip on the Russian River, Sonoma

July 2003

Helen & Henry in canoe

To the tune of 'Duelling Banjos' we set off on our canoe trip down the Russian River, unprepared for what was to follow...

Ohmygod there's a tree trunk ahead!

After abandoning one boat because it was shipping water, the intrepid explorers soon encountered The Black Rapids.

The rapids chewed up one boat under a trunk, devouring cellphones, shades and hats.  Thank goodness for the Wifeguards.

Then Dennis and Eileen went down with all hands to another vicious tree.   We bailed them out - but they were lucky not to loose more than their cookies.

Dennis in water

The sun was deadly hot, but we kept going, downstream - always downside.   Only jumping in the river every few minutes preserved our sanity.

Andrew as Colonel Kilgore - If I say it's safe to surf, it's safe to surf, soldier!

Finally we made it back to Healdsburg and to what passes for civilization in the wild badlands of the Russian River.  Not today Mr. River.   No victims for you...