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Our Holiday in California

Summer 2002

Harley & Chrome

Just a quiet holiday, shortly after we arrived here.

With Grandma and Grandpops.

Oh yes, and Uncle Nick.

And his Harley Davidson.

Oh, and Anne Rooney turned up too...

And Lauren, Alice's duck-group soulmate

And the inimitable and in-miniaturable Luki.

The whole gang of us whooped around San Francisco having fun and embarassing people.

Everyone congas

Nick, Anne, Lauren, Alice, Henry, Andrew, Helen, Grandma Sylvia, Luki... Oh yes and Grandpa taking the photo.

This great holiday was subsequently immortalised in an epic poem by Uncle Nick.


Group with San Francisco Background

Here's the whole gang, across the Bay from San Francisco.

Nick kindly hired the noisiest motorcycle he could find to drive us all round California.

Here's Nick with a bunch of chicks he picked up along the freeway...

Nick with Luki on the Harley

Luki.  Her feet nearly reach the pedals.

Nick on the Harley with Grandma

Grandma. Lookin' cool Ma.

Helen & Nick on Harley

Helen.  It was the last we saw of her.  Off to Mendicino to live with the Hells Angels.

Nick in his Harley Helmet

Nick looked mean and moody in the Harley Davidson gear.

In the convertable

The babes also hung out in the convertible, picking up the young men.

Ferry in to San Francisco

Off for a day in San Francisco on the Ferry.

Grandpops on the Ferry  An expedition to San Francisco

Grandpops keeps his hat on.  And the tour leader rounds up the troops (they didn't tip very well...)

Riding the Cable Car

Riding the cable car round the sights.

Brunch at Marvins

Sunday Brunch at Marvins - hot cakes and sunstroke.

Eating Killer Crab on Pier 39

And crustacians by the ton.  Yum.

Muir Woods

Muir Woods is an amazing place, with thousand year-old Redwood trees towering above you.

And a postcard home to an absent friend...

Hi Bill

Yes its the human message...  Forget SMS this is HMS.  The message (in case you couldn't spot it) reads 'Hi Bill'.

Visit to Marine World

A great day out to the Six Flags Marine World.  Shamu's no longer around and they've dismantled the killer whale tanks to make room for the rides.  Oh well.  Go with the flow.

Henry with Butterfly

The butterfly house is spectacular.  Henry gets to shake hands with the lepidoptera.

Luki, Alice, Lauren and Henry find the seal show distinctly unfunny.

The seals put on a bit of slapstick for the younger audience.  How we  laughed. Not!  More Dignity for Seals campaign coming up...

Swimming Tiger, Crouching Children

Swimming Tiger, Crouching Children.  Amazing to see the white tigers romping in the water tanks, splashing the audience.  Who said cats don't like water?

Shark's teeth

There's no beating the sharks though.  Henry takes a deep interest in orthodontistry and tries to figure out how many bites this guy would take to swallow him.  Er, one, Henry.

In the aquarium

Deep in the aquarium you get to see the live sharks up close and personal.  Grandma and Grandpops get down to five fathoms with Alice and Henry.

Andrew the Tour Guide issues another edict about rendez-vous times.

The tour leader was a bit of a fascist, sad to say.  He was for ever ordering people about and setting times to meet up.

Riding the Cobra

And then there were the rides.  Once we'd got the educational stuff out of the way we could get on with the real business of the park - hanging upside down from thin monorails.  Here the Cobra gets the rollercoastering underway.

Riding the Medusa

But wickedest of all was the Medusa.  A mile of corkscrewing track that has you screaming for four minutes. 

Riding the Medusa Detail of Grandma & Andy

And guess who went on it?  This blow-up the picture (enlarged from the shot above it) shows Andrew (bottom right) and Grandma (top left) hanging upside down.   Andrew is shouting "Let me out of here" and Grandma is calmly doing her knitting.

What a great day out.

  Nick's California Holiday Poem

Some poetry to thank you all
A kind of Californian drawl
Downtown Novato hire a car
Down Nave/Ignacio not too far
Wheelchair dodge that trolley car
Market and Powell it's not that far
How many cents are in a dime?
Lori's Diner feeding time
Bouffant brothers photo booth
Tooth fairy cometh $5 a tooth
Pinball Wizard, Henry and Flippers
Moondog eaters and Cranberry sippers
Killer Crab down on the Wharf
Yellow Brick Road (singing dwarf)
Follow Follow Follow Follow
Frisco today, chill out tomorrow
Children you should wear a hat
"Luki please, stop doing that"
Henry's Gameboy Pokemon fighting
All those postcards Grandma's writing

Giant Redwoods in the sky
A thousand years have passed them by
Snow white Tigers in the Water
Mood change jewelry for your daughter
Granny spinning on Medusa
A beer for me "Some wine for you sir?"
Harley roaring to the pool
Sun beating down but I feel cool
Tiny hands "You hold on tight"
Down Hangar Lane we'll 'hang-a' right
Alcatraz "My name's Capone"
Coburn cousins on the phone
Rolling Mist the Golden Gate
We're all yawning (getting late)
Fung Shui trickling water feature
Feed Georgio, elusive creature
Game of J'accuse - Mussolini (again)
Don't challenge the scribe… Who's got the pen?
Finding Stars "There's Cassiopeia"
Just gonna get another beer
Gazing at the waxing moon
Sunny California… See y'all soon!