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Starting A New School

First day at Bentley

Alice and Henry have begun the trimester at their new school, Bentley.   This is their first day.  Alice in bandana and with backpack.  Apparently compulsory.

Bentley Parents welcome meal

A group of parents welcomed us with a special dinner.

Henry and Gus at Bentley

And Henry made friends with Gus.  Gus is a similar age to Henry and is looking forward to his second birthday in a couple of year's time.  Can you guess his birthday?

Henry's Class Visit to Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley

Henry's mammoth visit

Henry and his class come tusk-to-tusk with a couple of giant pachyderms.   

Henry and fellow archeologists excavating mammoth bones

Any more around?   You can't be too careful... Class 2A have a great time uncovering the evidence.