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Our House Exchange in Novato

At Mark & Amy's House

Many thanks to Mark and Amy for lending us their house.  We had a great time living in Novato while Mark, Amy, Gracie and Bennett lived in our house in Ditton Corner.  It was just the start we needed to living in California.


Helen says hi from the kitchen!

We made ourselves at home and although the news said that California hit record temperatures, we enjoyed ourselves enormously and didn't overheat.


Alice and Emma with Henry and Sam

Alice and Henry made friends with Emma and Sam from across the road and we went  swimming with them and had lots of fun.  We enjoyed our membership of the Marin YMCA and were able to get around without problems.



And we did enjoy the facilities!


And after a little bit of sulking, Georgio, the cat, finally adopted us and decided that Alice was an acceptable substitute for Gracie... for now.

Alice asleep with Georgio on her bed

Thanks again to Mark and Amy for lending us their house while we got settled in!