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New York, New York

So good we went there twice

April 2004

Meeting up with Edna for a visit to the Big Apple and a trip around Washington.

Henry & Andy Statue of Liberty 240x180.jpg (7189 bytes)

Henry and Andy do the tourist thing and take in the Statue of Liberty from Staten Island Ferry.

ESB Lobby 180x240.jpg (17532 bytes)

Going up! The entrance to the Empire State Building.

On top of Empire State 180x240.jpg (17080 bytes)

Yes - its actually snowing on top of the Empire State Building.

Taxis 240x180.jpg (19349 bytes)

Taxis - you can never find one when you need them.

A&H Reflected 240x180.jpg (17998 bytes)

Inversion in the newly opened Skyscraper Museum in new York.

Hen&Edna on Subway 240x180.jpg (14093 bytes)

Grandma and Henry ride the subway.

Henry Hamburger 240x180.jpg (13436 bytes)

Henry tucks in to a burger.

Alice Pizza 240x180.jpg (18172 bytes)

Alice bites a slice.

Easter Sunday lunch with Morgans 240x180.jpg (18621 bytes)

And a much more salubrious Easter Dinner with the Morgan family, at Martin's sailing club.

(and then Andy lost the hire car keys.  But that's another story..)

And so on to Washington...

EAH at White House 240x180.jpg (19274 bytes)

The run up to the White House.

Henry & Tony's chopper2 240x180.jpg (13741 bytes)

Brit visits Seat of Government (Tony Blair's chopper was just leaving.)

Abe & Gang 180x240.jpg (14713 bytes)

Met up with the Kaye-Cipriano family under Abe's watchful gaze.

Gang at Washington Monument 180x240.jpg (13836 bytes)


Hippo mouths 240x180.jpg (13113 bytes)

Hippo potty mouths

Jeffrey Camera 240x180.jpg (18451 bytes)


Joy 240x180.jpg (17893 bytes)


Alice and friends 240x180.jpg (16326 bytes)

Aaron, Joshua and Alice.