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Back in the Bay Area

California July 2006

Outside 2702 Fulton

We couldn't keep away. Just had to come back to the Bay Area to see everyone again. Operating from a base in Berserkely, we tracked everyone down. Well, almost everyone. Apologies to those we didn't get to see. (But you didn't escape. There's always next time...)


Re-uniting that old Bentley Gang

Alice Claire Cole Emma Henry Max Rhiannon Vanessa


Dinner at the Ostrach's

Dinner Guests At Dinner

Many thanks to Karen and Michael for hosting a wonderful 'welcome back' party!

The boys enjoy themselves at dinner



Taking the Healdsburg Heat

Site inspection

A trip up to Healdsburg to make a site inspection of the Hemant and Danielle's house currently under construction.



Alice and Danielle discuss construction details

Alice and Danielle debate details


Hemant surveys the empty pool

Hemant contemplates the deep end

Dante in the pool area

Dante checks the re-bar


Tea break

It's cooler inside



Shah silhouettes

Shah family silhouette



Dante climbs where his bunk will be

My bunk will be about... here!



Construction work in the front yard

The front yard


Henry and Leo

Henry floored by Leo

Henry and Leo


Leo looks at the view

Leo checks out his bedroom view



It's a lot cooler in the water

So. we're all in the pool but who's that guy, just working on his laptop the whole time..?



Strategy document in the making...

Oh - It's Hemant! Next corporate strategy document underway...



Check out the thermometer!

Wait a minute - isn't that a wall thermometer? What does it say?



128 degrees and rising...

Zooming in... It's a record-breaking 128 F in Healdsburg. (That's 53 C by the way).


Danielle showers Dante

Keeping cool



Bottle of Madam Preston Grape Wine




Dante auto-showers




Hemant and Leo in the shade

Picnic in the shade



Dante keeps on truckin

Dante keeps on trucking



Cooling down with a glass of Madam Preston

A shady guy, in shades, in the shade



Those Good Looking Shah Boys...

Dante Leo

Brown eyes and Blue eyes




Dinner with the Ulrich Family

BBQ Ulrich-style

They throw a pretty mean barbeque down Parrott Drive



Where'd Peter go?

Similar photo to above, but a better looking guy



Rabbit ears

So disrespectful, honestly!



Tess giggles

Tess teasing



That Ulrich Family in Full

Annika, laughing Tessa Ellen Meester Ooolreesh  Greyland

(Not forgetting Greyland, of course)



And a few other things


Barry Bonds chases the all-time record

A Giants Game


The Killer Crab revisited

A Giant Crab

Infinite Henrys in the Exploratorium

A Giant Universe

Ch.. Ch.. Ch.. Chair Changes

Weird things are on show at the Exploratorium

Zoo Time

A trip to San Francisco Zoo

(Yes, more pictures of animals)



Bars and Stripes



Silverback Gorilla

Alpha Male



Gorilla face

Studied expression



Watching the penguins



Video diary



Henry leads the way



A ball of lemur fur

Count the lemurs



A bald eagle

Bald but dignified I reckon



The Dicdic

Tiny Dic-Dic



Meercat mound

Timon and friend




Gopher it



Gopher impersonators

Gopher impersonation



A gorgeous warthog

Blondes have more fun



Penguin feeding time

Penguin power



Feeding time audience

Faces in the crowd



Bye Bye Bay

Group with Dennis on Grizzley Peak

Great to see Dennis & Eileen and friends.

So Bye-Bye to the Bay for another year! See you again soon...

Cheshire Cat Productions 2006