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Yellow Supermarine

Holiday in Turkey

July 2001

Magnolia in the bay

We sailed round the  Gökova Gulf and the coast and islands of the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean in the Magnolia - a splendidly yellow boat with blue and white sails.  We snorkelled and dived in the clear waters, seeing (and catching) a variety of fish and other marine beasts. 

Rescue and Casualties

And we had adventures - responding to an SOS to rescue another boat in difficulties - and sustained casualties (poor old Selim and Alice both suffered from a rare breed of bum-stinger wasps). 

Floating Gin Palace

But we soaked up the sunblock and hit the water four times a day.  Somehow Selim and Andy got through two bottles of gin in six days.  A great holiday.  Many thanks to Selim and his family for sharing their holiday with us.

All Aboard


The Comfortable Coburns

Alice as the archetypal boat babe Helen was born to drink cocktails on deck Henry (Mister 'Absolutely Nothing') reading his Very Silly Lists book Greybeard the Pirate - Andy didn't bring his razor on board

Alice, Helen, Henry and Andy


The Debonaire Demirels

Selim the Sagacious Basak the Beachcomber Mr. Cool - Ali programs another call tune on his mobile phone Can shows how to be a GameBoy master

Selim, Basak, Ali and Can


The Capable Crew

Captain Ibrahim at the wheel Sakin the Cook and expert harpoon diver Bulent the Deck Steward brings out the G&Ts

Ibrahim, Sakin and Bulent


Magnolia - everyone to stern for the passing out parade

All present and correct at Magnolia's stern for disembarkation.


Holiday Album


Magnolia makes 8 knots through the salt spray

Sailing round the islands and mountainous coastline of the Aegean. Helen and Alice lounge on deck.



"There's One!" - lookouts on the foredeck

Sailing under canvas - Henry, Can and Alice watch for dolphins from the prow rail.



Rescue at sea - Selim and Ali oversee the Refo tow

Sea rescue - responding to an SOS from the crippled Refo, we sail out to them and tow them back to port.


Did she jump or was she pushed?

Alice goes overboard


Dad was definitely pushed

Come on in the water's lovely.


0.0002 leagues below the sea

Alice dives for shells on the sea bottom.


Henry seeks out more underwater wildlife

Henry goes snorkelling.



Dining in style on the afterdeck

Lunch on board.



With a modem and a mobile Selim runs his international business from the yacht.

Selim checks his e-mail under canvas.


Grilled or fried tonight?

Dinner!  Sakin's harpoon provides another treat for the table and further depletes the aquatic fauna of the region.


Henry hooks a catch online with bread bait

Henry catches a fish - and for those with poor eyesight, here it is in detail:

The fish itself


It takes skill to ride the Yellow Banana

The Yellow Banana is towed by a speedboat and requires great skill to stay on at speed.  (None of us managed it...)


Aphrodisias City North Gate

The region is rich in ancient sites.   Aphrodisias is a Roman city with a fine city gate still standing.



Helen and Alice contemplate the huge Stadium at Aphrodisias

The vast elliptical stadium of Aphrodisias could seat 30,000 people.  We sat in row lambda.



Ephesus Main Street - the tourists wilt in the heat

Ephesus is a preserved ancient city with spectacular streets and restored monuments. But man it was hot.



The house in Serince - Helen and Alice at the window

We also experienced life in a traditional Turkish village.  Alice and Helen at the window of our Bagdadi   house in Serince - a pretty hillside koy famous for wine.


Village horse riding on the mountainside

While exploring for tortoises in a ruined house, Henry is invited to ride Mehmet's horse.  Mehmet is a fruit farmer who uses a pack saddle for riding.


House in Serince - the traditional Turkish bath

The house in Serince has a traditional Turkish bathroom, with  marble tiling and carved marble benches and basin



Alice sits at the edge of the travertine, where it meets the green fields

Skiing as well?  No, this is the brilliant white  travertine formations of Pamukkale formed from thermal springs.



Bathing in the hot springs is good for you

Bathing in the geothermal hot spring pool of the Hotel Thermal in Pamukkale.


Yukkk!  Thick volcanic mud between the toes

And the minerals in the waters are good for your skin, although this was more like paddling in someone else's used bathwater.


Club Muskabi pool links to a fine beach

And finally, clubbing.  Alice floats in the pool of the Club Muskebi in Bodrum.



Alice and Helen boogie the night away

The girls (and Henry) sample the nightlife at the poolside disco.



Helen & Henry in the pool

Helen and Henry have a swim and ignore the topless sunbathers lounging by the poolside.  Until he's older.