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A Trip to Hawaii for Christmas

December 2004

Hula girls and board dudes, Maui Kamaole gardens

The Hawaii crew in local gear L-R: Henry, Andrew, Grandpops, Helen, Grandma Sylvia, Grandma Edna, Uncle Nick and Alice. We went to Kamaole on Maui.

Four Divers on Maui

The last divers standing... Helen (who is that masked stranger??), Andy, Alice and Nick

Henry and Helen in Scuba gear    Alice in her diving gear

And the march of the gladiators down to the sea.


Alice in scuba gear

Alice depressurizes



Alice with Sea Star

Alice picks up a sea star



Alice Diving 1 240x180.jpg (10587 bytes)

Snorkeling round the coral



Alice & Henry snorkelling

Alice & Henry among the tropical fish



Henry Snorkeling

The Great White is a menacing sight underwater



Henry in his face mask

Henry does his Darth Vader impereonation



Uncle Nick examines the coral

Moby Nick



Nick takes underwater photo

Cameras at 20 paces!



Nick's bum

Snorkeling Uncle



Alice & Henry surfing

Wave goodbye



Alice & Henry catch a wave

1-2-3 go!



Alice & Henry catch another wave

Catch the tube



Henry & Dad with their boards

A couple of babe-magnets head out into the surf.



Andy tries to stand on his surf board

Andy attempts the rediculous manoevre of standing up



Andys glee in surf

But finds that catching that wave is such a blast!


Grandparents and Granddaughter on the beach

Grandpops, Granddaughter, Grandma Sylvia

Edna in the water

Grandma Edna takes a dip

Grandpops in snorkel and swimhat

Grandpops goes for a snorkel in his hat


Henry manages to catch his wave

Henry mid-wave


Where's that turtle gone?

Henry among the coral reef

Edna Beach Bathing

Edna surf bathing


Group overlook the volcano crater

At the top of Haleakala volcano, the crater is an impressive sight. But its rather cold.

Volcano crater interior

The interior of the crater is a Martian landscape of rust colours

Oh my Lord! Speedos on display!

Sunbathing revealed rather too much British white flesh for the locals comfort.

Henry the beach dude

Henry lets the sun dry his pony-tail after a surfing session.

Merry Christmas! Mine's a Mai Tai

Christmas day lunch, after the scuba diving!

Andys birthday cake with candle

And a birthday candle for Andy's mmmthieth birthday on Christmas eve...