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Out and About in California


Alice ready for the Winter Ball

Alice gets ready for her Winter Ball.


Alice doing her homework

...and getting her homework done so that she can go to the ball.


Henry looks through Rachel Telescope at Chabot

Checking out Saturn and other heavenly bodies.  Henry looks through 'Rachel' the 24 inch telescope at the Chabot Space Center.  A 36 inch telescope is under construction.



Karate Kid

The Karate Kid - Henry does martial arts on a Friday.   Well at least it gets some of his urge to annihilate people  out of his system... for an hour or two.



Ian & Jane visiting

Uncle Ian and Aunty Jane visiting..


Ian & Jane dash out of the sea

...but yikes the sea was cold on Rodeo Beach


Monarch butterfly

The magnificent Monarch butterflies winter in California in mid-migration to Mexico.  The eucalyptus groves of Newark are full of the pupae - and they all hatch on one weekend


Henry chases Monarch butterflies

Henry wanders through a cloud of newly-emerged Monarch butterflies getting their bearings for their Mexico trip.


Chinese New Year Parade

Chinese New Year - a great street parade through Chinatown..


Amelie & Elisa Grandjean visiting

French visitors: Amelie & Elisa Grandjean visiting. (Fathia and Christian came too)


Here comes the miniature train

The miniature railway at Tilden Park


Miniature train ride

Riding the train


Alice playing Stratego

Pastimes indoors


Alice on phone

and pastimes outdoors