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Helen's 50th
50th Birthday
Karting at 12
California Farewell
Legge Reunion
Xmas in Kensington 06



We love a good party!

Here's a few we've thrown over the years...

Rainy Rousham

Helen passes her milestone with friends and water features

A Thoroughly British Day Out

Andrew at 50

Still scheming to be an evil overlord

Coburn, the Evil Overlord

See his 50th Birthday Party, a private Bond screening

Henry's 12th Lap

 Zooming round the track at Red Lodge Go Karting track

Go kart racing birthday party with a bunch of crazy friends

California Farewell Party

California Farewell Party

A tearful goodbye to our good friends in the San Francisco Bay Area

Keeping the Legges Together

The Legge Gang

Family Reunion Party January 2007