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California Farewell Party

Were you there or were you square?

Attendees of our California Farewell Party bid us 'toodle-pip'!

Magic trick with Hemants head 240x180.jpg (18949 bytes)

Magic or what? Magic was performed by Peter Morrison


Thills on the terrace 240x180.jpg (17934 bytes)

Thills and Dan


Cambridge connection: Mike, Mary & Dennis

Cole eating chip 240x180.jpg (14922 bytes)

Cole doesn't like chips


Strolling magic 240x180.jpg (17368 bytes)

Gold watch? What gold watch?



Hemant looks over the magician's shoulder...

Jack, King, Joker...



Wheeler and strolling magic 240x180.jpg (15450 bytes)

Nothing up his sleeves



Helens Marf 240x180.jpg (12559 bytes)

"Oh my gawd!" (Valley Girl Style)



Magic trick A&H 240x180.jpg (12612 bytes)

Getting the magic back in our marriage



Baffled 240x180.jpg (14895 bytes)

How did he do that?



Masgic Show indoors all 240x180.jpg (12156 bytes)

Party animals



Cole faces magician 240x180.jpg (12943 bytes)

The sorcerer's apprentice



Dont look now A&H magic trick 240x180.jpg (13009 bytes)

Now, the compatibility test...



Teitz table watching 240x180.jpg (14684 bytes)

Feeding time



Girls Queueing for food 240x180.jpg (12308 bytes)

Dinner line



Audience 240x180.jpg (13681 bytes)




Time Warp with Mary 240x180.jpg (13344 bytes)

Doing the Time Warp (again)



Air Guitar band 240x180.jpg (11478 bytes)

Oh dear. The inevitable air-guitar band...



Air guitar man 240x180.jpg (11375 bytes)

And worse, the mad air axeman...



Class of 2005

Eighth Graders Go Mad



Al's Tongue







Cole face



Vanessa & Rhiannon

Vanessa & Rhiannon


Natalie & Annie

Natalie & Annie

Alice & friends

Alice, Vanessa, Maddy, Emily and Catherine


Al & Maddy

Maddy & Al











Rhiannon Peace