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Christmas in Kensington

The Gathering of the Clans for Seasonal Slaughter

December 2003

57 Holland Road

A great Christmas in a great house in Kensington for our festive gathering.  The house was a great place to host Christmas and seasonal festivities.

Our thanks to Charlotte Breese, owner of the house.

Killings in Kensington

The Christmas Day Murder Mystery - The Final Curtain - was organised by Helen. A dozen improbable  1920s characters trying to figure out who dunnit.

The Cast of The Final Curtain

The assembled cast of the Littledean Theatre Company mourning the loss of Vincent Royle, poisoned with extreme prejudice.

Ian as Quentin

Ian as the impeccable Quentin Bleeker, playing 'the butler'...


Alice as Spangles

Alice as Spangles Blunt, the illegitimate daughter of Madge


Edna as Madge

Edna as Madge Blunt, the resident expert at the Littledean Theatre


Jane as Felicity

Jane as Felicity Frank, an actress scorned by the murdered man


Anne as Esmeralda

Anne, improbably cast as the floosie actress Esmerelda De Young


Henry as Brian

Henry as the young Brian Booth, surely innocent of the trading scam


Len as Errol

Len as the incorrigible Errol Blackstone, old-school actor


Vera as Sandy

Vera as the Sandy Deeley the Box Office Manager


Helen as Jay

Helen as the sexually-ambiguous Jay Fitzharing, owner and manager


Sylvia as Deidre

Sylvia as the scheming Diedre Jenkins, the 'parlour maid'


Andy as Patrick

Andrew as the spiv Patrick O'Brien, dodgiest accent on the boards


Nick as Sterling

Nick as the soon-to-be-poisoned Sterling Braydon, victim #2



After extensive investigation and several courses of cocktails, the perpetrator was revealed: Diedre Jenkins, serial poisoner, was finally apprehended by the long arm of the law.

Inspector Blewitt takes Deidre into custody

Inspector Blewitt, a close relation of Sterling Braydon, got Diedre banged to rights

Sights of London

All in the eye

Taking in the London Eye on Andrew's Birthday


Trafalgar Square lion

Feeding the lions in Trafalgar Square


Alice & Lili

Lili and Alice in the paws of Nelson's lions