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Group 2001
Rowing Report


Boaters and Bonnets

Coburn & Mulligan Bumps & Carnage Party 2001

Boats & crowds

A day of racing, rain and revelry

The Magnificent Parade of Boaters and Bonnets...

Our iconic pair straight from 1910 - Adam & Isobel in hats Alex's prizewinning hat Alice Weatherley's bonnet Andy & Consuelo Caroline Doak in excellent beflowered hat David & Tanya arrive in style Edina & Laurie Bowler, brim and whistles - Nick & Pete entertain Laurie Johnson's spectacular hat Robin Crawford in Yellow Rose of Texas hat Maria, Brian and the Goings, protected from the rain David Owers in prizewinning hat Three little maids Grandma Sylvia in feathers and flowers Alice Sinclair, 6 Rose-laden, leopard-skin and floral in the marquee Helen brimming Grandpops in boater

Thanks to everyone for putting in such a splendid effort.


The Group Photo

(There's a larger version for those with poor eyesight)

Group Photo 2001

Photo credits: Siobhan Malone #62

and just for comparison, here's the one from 1910...

Ditton Corner Picture 1910


Emma Misses the Double but gets Head

LMBC ladies rowing up

Racing Report

For those of you interested in the rowing - here's what happened on the river.

And the Winner of the Ditton Corner Sweepstake was....


Photo Gallery


The poppy fields

Watching the races from the poppy patch.

Photo credits: Edina



Grandma Sylvia & Alex looking out of marquee

When will the rain stop?

Photo credits: Siobhan Malone #7



Simon and Oliver Ruffle keeping the racing results up to date in all weather

Simon the stalwart steward keeps the soggy score.

Photo credits: Siobhan Malone #28



Lady Margaret womens 2nd boat chasing Newnham for their fourth bump that got them their oar.

LMBC Womens II catching Newnham.

Photo credits: David Krembs



So that's where all the booze went.  Staying dry inside the marquee.

Staying out of the rain in the drinks tent.

Photo credits: Siobhan Malone #21



The boats row up to the start of the race

Hats for all the generations.

Photo credits: David Krembs



Bit of rain never stopped them building the Empire.

The rain stops in time for the big races.

Photo credits: Siobhan Malone #26



The Crawfords and the Banks get comfortable to watch the racing.

Watching from the Dress Circle.

Photo credits: Tom Banks



Group Photo telephoto detail

Assembling for the group photo.

Photo credits: Siobhan Malone #63



The extended Coburn clan troupes down the hill under the University flag.

Procession down the hill for the final race.

Photo credits: Tom Banks



Tanya and Nigel play a round with Ray and Michael Chudleigh.

All weather croquet in between races.

Photo credits: David Krembs



Spectators on the river bank.

There they go!  When's the next one?

Photo credits: David Owers



Uncle Pete, Uncle Nick, Alice and Cheeky Monkey.

Two Uncles and a Cheeky Monkey.

Photo credits: Siobhan Malone #41



Men's First Division - three boats fighting for a bump but Robinson gets there first

Robinson College makes its bump for its oar.

Photo credits: David Owers



Helen, Marcial, Maria Luisa, William and Janet

Churchill College supporters - and friends.

Photo credits: David Owers



Alice and friends in a Wonderland version of croquet

Ten year old girls reinvent the rules of croquet.

Photo credits: Alex Boddenham



Keeping the children amused - by popular demand - its André the flea meets Cheeky Monkey.

Cheeky Monkey meets André the flea.

Photo credits: Bill Thompson



Denise nobly organises a constant stream of children's games.

One whack and its all over - the piñata game.

Photo credits: Alex Boddenham



David, Tanya and Sandy re-enact a Henry James novel.

Cigars on the river bank.

Photo credits: Scott Fitzgerald



Bouncy castle with children

Kids on the bouncy castle.

Photo credits: Siobhan Malone #40



Playful Playford, Leaping Laurie, Acrobatic Alice and friends.

Bigger kids also had fun on the bouncy castle.

Photo credits: Private Eye



Couples on the dance floor - Len & Edina, Bill & Anne, Tanya & David.

Grandpops gets to grips with the foxtrot.

Photo credits: Hello! Magazine



Nigel & Consuelo dancing the night away

Oh how we danced...

Photo credits: David Bailey



Henry joins in the dancing in his pyjamas - with Bill, Laurie and Andy

Yes sir, I can boogie.

Photo credits: Len Coburn