Aerial view of the riverThe Ditton Corner plot from the airFen Ditton - an aerial view

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Group 2006


Super-Heroics on the River

Bumps & Carnage Party 2006

Hats from the Back

Which one was yours?

Martine's Edna's Helen's and Adriana's Liz's Sylvia's The hosts' Len's Bill's (who else?) Aline's Sarah's Claire's Steve's Jean's Nick's John's Germaine's John, Ian and Rhodri's


Group Photo

Everyone who wasn't square - on the larger photo...

The obligatory Group Photo

Picture  #2006-123 Siobhan Malone

Baby Bumpers

The Younger Generation on the Riverbank....


Pretty in peach



..a Churchillian moment from the youngest attendee...



Junior-sized pith helmet



Cool for cats - I mean, rabbits






Bib and tucker



Peter and Aki



Suddenly, I've got so many Grans...








Dining on the overlook

Waiting for the off

Rowing up

Rowing up, Caius ladies look cool


Riverbank crowds

Here they come...



Flag raised as they row past Ditton Corner

Cycling coaches



Coming up for a Bump on Long Reach

Competitive edge



Two to one on is the best odds I can give you

It was a double over-bump, I tell you!


Poppy Fields

Poppy fields

Aki and Peter sword fencing

The RMSers on the riverbank


Hemant, Andrew, Peter and Aki

Hemant, Andrew, Peter and Aki



Marcial III sees no ships

I Spy



Physic the dog

The farmer had a dog



Kids chaos on the inflatable assault course

They all fall down



The Coburn-Mulligans on the river bank

Coburns and a Mulligan in context



Brian and Bill




Edna, Andrew, Germaine, Lili, Bill and Ian

Absolutely topper



The flag means they've got their oar

A flag for an oar



Max juggling

Juggling roles for Max



Penny and Helen

In the marquee


Our brave servers

Ellie and Amy punch above their weight

Watching the boats go by

Roses all the way


The CAR mob

Smart CARs and mini-CARs


Bill Thompson & Germaine Greer

It's all Germaine...and, of course, Bill


The Fen Dittoners

Tim, Ellie and folks


Luca lectures the Hogarths

The one that got away (back in Watamu, 1990)...


Gordon, Robert, Liz and Andrew




Gordon, Martine & Molly - the RMS research gang




Hemant and Robert by the Marquee



Crew gets their bump foliage

Bumper laureate


Crowds watching the action



Angie and Rhodri

Just Magyk!

Cheshire Cat Productions 2006