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May Bumps Party 2000

The Coburn & Mulligan Garden Warming Party to watch 'Bumps and Carnage' was held on 17 June 2000. The fourth and final day of the May Bumps saw a spectacular day of racing in bright sunshine.  Caius College achieved the singular achievement of going Head of the River in both womens and mens races.

We had a motley crew of party attendees - were you there? How many people do you know on this photograph? How many of them have hats? Compare this with the same scene in 1910 (a lot more headwear).

Bumps Party 2000

The photo album

Crews rowing up to the start


Crowds cheer on a college boat


Waiting for the next race


The hats are out


Group around the Bumps score board


Watching from the upper terrace


Holding forth


People at a table


Inside the drinks tent


Simon & Janet score the bumps


Wet Alice blows out candles on her birthday cake


Andrew & Anne on the riverbank