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Remember all those previous Bumps parties?

Time-travel into the hazy glory of English summers past...

A view down the river in 2009

The view down the river in 2009...


Jean, Hazel and Helen under their brims

The poppy-fields of 2008...


Ian with the family group

With Brothers in Arms in 2007...


Bill Thompson & Germaine Greer

With celebrities in 2006...


2005 Party

The blistering heat of the 2005 bumps party...


Mike in Rain 240x180.jpg (16665 bytes)

How we laughed when it pissed down with rain in 2004...


A Cats man like his father

And remember how we all wore our Dad's blazers in 2003..?


Hats at Tables on the upper terrace

The 2002 party - we sat and drank till the sun went down...


Couples on the dance floor - Len & Edina, Bill & Anne, Tanya & David

Oh how we danced in 2001...


Watching from the upper terrace

And how it all started: That first 'Garden-warming' Party in 2000...


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