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Boaters and Bonnets in 1910

This is a shot of the crowds at Ditton Corner at the May Bumps on 8 June 1910.   Dressing up for the big occasion was popular in those days - check out the outfits.   Wearing a hat was clearly essential.  There are 103 people on this photograph.   Only one of them is not wearing a hat.  Can you spot him?  [The guy holding his hat in his hand does not count]. 

Crowds watching the May Bumps at Ditton Corner 1910

Answer to 'Where is Hatless Wally?'  below.

The Hat Parade

A wide variety of hats were worn.  For a rowing occasion, many people chose the appropriately-named Boater, often trimmed with college colours.  But many other hats are in evidence, taken from details from the photograph.  No baseball caps, you'll note...

 The straw Boater was a popular choice by many young roisterers A toff would wear his Boater at a jaunty angle A boatload of assorted titfers A young beau in his college boater walking out with floosie in the fancy millinery The bohemian brigade wore fur hats, pith helmets and fruit salads The Classic Panama and a Fabulous Creation Big brims and big bows made a young maiden's bonnet Feather bonnets for the ladies, a Homburg for the gentlemen Boaters for the gents and a floppy brimmed creation for the lady Big bonnets for little girls Flat cap for the tweeded toffs Bowler hat and pipe for the older codger Expansive headwear and constrictive corsetry for the society ladies A real vicar and tart party Some Johnny in his rowing blazer and cap with his boatered chum

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On a Historical Note

In the photograph taken in 1910, the house is in the background.  In those days the house was covered in ivy and had a lean-to greenhouse where the garden room is today.  The gardens were not terraced at that time but were used as vegetable gardens, growing produce that was taken by river to the market in Cambridge.

Many thanks to Margaret and Terry Barnard for sending us this photo, from the collection of the previous owners of Ditton Corner.

Where's Hatless Wally?

and the answer is...

By George - the fella's headbare!

The bounder who is not wearing a hat (centre of picture).

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