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Group 2002



Coburn & Mulligan Bumps & Carnage Party 2002

Francis Fawcett wins his oar

Francis Fawcett, son of Di Haig and William Fawcett, and stalwart #6 of Magdalene first boat gets his fourth bump and wins his oar.

and England beat Denmark 3-0 in the World Cup to round off a perfect afternoon...



Lady Magaret Boat Club is bumped

Lady Margaret boat being chased hard



View downriver

View downriver over the wild flower meadow



View of people & marquee

The crowds assemble on the lawns



Tea while we watch

Crowds on the bank watching in the shade



Paul & Megan with their terrific hats

Paul and Megan drssed in style



The River Bank watching the races

The final division provides the nail-biting finale as we all root for the Magdalene boat



The audience can't see the TV screen in the glare but they get the general idea...

Goal!!!  Owen gets the second for England...



Crowds on the Riverbank 240x180.jpg (23989 bytes)

Watching the races on the riverbank



Hats at Tables on the upper terrace

Watching the races from the upper terraces.



Childrens Party on the front lawn

The kids party included a chocolate-cake-eating competition followed by a bouncy castle to make sure they threw up...


People in hats in front of the marquee

...while the grown ups stood around in extravagant millinery trying not to mention the objects on top of each other's heads.


Pennington family in the flowers

The Pennington family among the wild flowers.




Helen with chairs

Helen prepares the terraces for the world cup fans


Food in the marquee

And finally its food time.  The scrum in the marquee

The Magic Show

The Darius Magic Show


The Real Football Match

Then real football action.  Forget Beckham, lets see some serious skills.


Four baldies

Darius the magician with  three Coburns: Len, Andrew & Nick.  Reflected glory - get your shades on...

Andrew in an England Shirt

A yobbo dressed for the match - thanks for the shirt Robert.


Dennis spraying with water gun

and then of course it all began to get a bit silly.   Uncle Dennis opens fire with a super-soaker...


Edina, Andy, Gabriella, Nigel

...and Uncle Nigel started to get friendly with the au pairs (again)...

Misi climbing out of the river inevitably someone ended up in the river.  This year it was Misi.   One ruined digital camera and mobile phone.

2002 Cheshire Cat Productions