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Group 2007


Brolly Boating Weather!

Bumps & Carnage Party 2007

Rowers head up for the races under the ominous skies...

View downriver with the glowering sky

Parasol Parade

A wide range of fashionable umbrella-wear was on display on the river bank this year:

 Bev with - what's that? An IONICA brolly? There's a piece of Cambridge history! Professor Short with the German look Hazel goes for orange to complement her green outfit Oli and Amy with the double-strength sports umbrella Plaid and Rainbow Shameless advertising by John, promoting Mills & Reeve, solicitors The Jefferies family tartan Anna holds aloft a rainbow Younger rain style Hosts gathered under "Something in the Air" Ray has his coverage Caroline lends Ian her corporate accessory Brolly and shades - Bridget has all eventualities covered Penny and her Davis Langdon & Everest umbrella Brian and his eco-brolly Girls with pastel parasols Jean and Edna under a sensibly sized one Timmi gets the Abbey habit Rainbow Pam with a hexagonal brolly Misi shelters Edna under a floral one


"Yes my wine's a bit watery too."

Ladies lunch on regardless

Cauis row over to stay Head of the River 2007

Caius stayed Head of the River, keeping ahead of 1st & 3rd all the way home

Staying Head of the River for five years running entitles them to a clock-tower on their boathouse..!

Group Photo

Group Photo Thumbnail

Want to see the Group Photo and check out who was there?

Colourful flotilla enters Long Reach

Hot pursuit

Clare cox acknowledges they've been bumped, within an ace of catching LMBC

..So close and yet...


A crew pulls in the side after being bumped

Despair of the bumped.



A crew rows back bedecked with foliage, after making their bump

Joy of the bumpers...



Victors receive their garlands

Garlanding the victors



Being bumped can be an emotional experience

Comforting the losers


Waiting for the next division

Riverbank spectators

A division is approaching

Here they come...


Spectators cheering on a passing crew

Cheering the boats on


Dixon is astonished that his predixion is so wrong...

Dixon's Predixion was nearly wrong

Ellie Hasketh and Amy Morris-Drake preparing the Pimms

Masters of the Pimms


Drinks on the terrace

Marquis sun



The rain sets in




Ripples on the river




It's drier under the gazebo 

Taking shelter


Nachtwey family visiting from Berkeley

Berkeley visitors

The Oxford contingent

Oxford visitors


 Only 45 minutes until the next race

Cambridge visitors



Charles, Rhys and Henry

Three musketeers


Tim Rawle working on his next book

Professional at work


 Chick on show on the river bank



Alex and Misi reunited

Former household members

The girls



 Brenda and Brian Purkiss

Pair of Purkisses



Annick and Graham








Annick's hat and jacket




Friends around the table

Table Photocall



Henry, Andrew, Helen and Alice

Family Photocall



Siobhan tells everyone to smile

Group Photocall


Anne & Gordon

Anne & Gordon




 Miranda, Andrew and Steve

Village People?...oh, it's Miranda, Andrew and Steve


Ian with the family group

Coburns and Mulligans

Ian and Annick

Ian and Annick


 Ian, Anne, Simon and Bill

Ian, Anne, Simon & Bill


Anoushka on the inflatable


Giant scramble






The teenage gang


Contemplating the slide down



 A wet Lauren



Dave Cook and the Reed contingent

On the steps

Croquet practice

Pegging Out


 Taking the leap



Worshipping at Helen's feet


Baby toes peek out from inside the buggy



 Baby chicken nibbles toes

Chick feet


An accusing stare


Nick and Andrew Coburn



 Singing Happy Birthday to Alice



Party Tricks

Watch Richard Dixon cavort with his amazing beer-bottle foot-juggling act.

Is there no limit to his talent?

Dixon's party trick

Cheshire Cat 2007