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May Bumps 2001 Rowing Report

Boats chasing around bend

Emma goes Head and nearly does double

Emmanuel College bumped Jesus and then Caius in the first two days of the Bumps and hung on to their place strongly in the last two days to go Head of the River. Emmanuel women’s boat chased Caius every day at the head of the women’s first division but could not emulate the Caius achievement of last year in winning both men’s and women’s races. Caius womens stayed Head of the River for the second year.

A strong Downing men’s crew also fancied their chances, catching Jesus and finally bumping the defeated champions, Caius in a frantic race on the last day, to finish second.

Spectacular Homerton

Homerton men’s boat won promotion to the third division by jumping thirteen, yes thirteen, places – a bump, an overbump and then a spectacular triple overbump which has the historians trawling their database for precedents. Other spectacular rises include Darwin mens II and Corpus Christi mens III, both achieving a climb of 9 places.

Trinity boats in mass slide

What’s up at 1st and 3rd? Poor old Trinity 1st and 3rd had a dreadful competition. The men’s first and women’s first boat were both bumped every day. The second men’s boat dropped six places and their third boat took the wooden spoon for a record-breaking 10-place plunge. Lower boats had mixed luck, but something is clearly amiss in the Trinity boat house. Other stomach-turning drops include Jesus men’s V – which dropped 9 places – and Newnham women’s II which dropped 6 places.

Christ’s fifth beats fourth

The needle match between Christ’s IV and V boat went on all week, after the fifth boat bumped the fourth on the second day and went on to finish three places higher.   Question: How are they going to select the crews for these boats next year?

Boats that Won their Oars - Mens

  • Robinson
  • Homerton
  • St. Catharine’s II
  • St. Catharine’s III
  • St. Edmund’s
  • CCAT
  • Emmanuel III
  • Emmanuel V

LMBC Womens II rowing up

Boats that Won their Oars – Womens

  • Peterhouse
  • Kings
  • Pembroke II
  • Hughes Hall.


The Ditton Corner Sweepstake

The college that ended up at the top of the most number of divisions, was...

Sidney Sussex

which came head of two divisions - the Men's 2nd and Women's 4th.  No other college ended up heading more than one.

Who bet on this eventuality?  Who submitted an online entry nominating Sydney as the college most likely to?  Well no-one actually.   (Will no-one own up to having actually been at Sydney Sussex???).

Oh, wait a minute.  What's this?  A late competition entry half-way through the afternoon during the racing, nominating Sydney Sussex as a contender.  It's from 15-year-old Helen Walter.  Yes, yes, she is the winner!  Wait a minute I hear you cry.  She is the Assistant Adjudicator!   She's too young to drink champagne!  And she is Andrew's God-daughter.   It's a fix!  Nonsense.  Very bright girl Madame Walter.  She will go far.

So the winner of the Ditton Corner Sweepstake, and recipient of the vintage Champagne is:

Helen Walter.

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