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Rainy Rousham

Helen's 50th Birthday Party

A private tour of the house and grounds of Rousham House on May 13, 2007

Brollies to the front! The group musters on the steps of Rousham house.

Brollies on Parade

Helen's party

Rousham House seen from the road

Rousham House and Gardens

Rousham House and Gardens near Bicester in Oxfordshire is the purest remaining example of the 18th Century landscape garden, designed by William Kent in the 1730s. The tour of the gardens was provided by Julie Elliot. The gardens are the best example of the 'Augustan' school of design, going beyond the renaissance to evoke the landscape of antiquity, using Classical ornament and allusion. Rousham House is a fine 17th century mansion designed by Sir Robert Dormer, and fortified to defend against Parliamentary forces in the Civil War.   Alterations were made by William Kent in the following century, and later still a Victorian front added towards the gardens.

Group at The Egyptian Pyramid


Table within tent

Vanessa snaps


Andy and Helen cut the 20th anniversary cake

Cutting that celebrate our 20th anniversary


Assorted Withers, Pates and Baileys

Old friends and offspring



Paul, Gill and Jerry

Gill in Paul's jacket - what a gent...



A briefing before the walk

Briefing from garden expert Julie Elliott



Peter expounds to Robert

And Venus' Vale!


Stragglers keep up!

Promenade architecturale


On the steps of the octagon

The Temple of Echo, or is it Leander?


William and his Leika

Fawcett frames



The Arcade

Cheshire Cat 2007