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Christmas 2002

'Christmas Movies 2002'

What could be more seasonal than the Christmas movie releases?  This year's 'holiday card' celebrates our stay in California, movie capital of the world, and our love of going to the movies.  Christmas is becoming increasingly associated with big movie releases, with recent years seeing the Harry Potter movies, the Lord of the Rings, Bond movies and others being released in the weeks beforehand.  Andrew's birthday treat each Christmas eve has been going to see the latest Lord of the Rings epic.

Of course, this image is a composite picture with the entire queue made up of the Coburn Mulligan family.  There are seven Henrys, seven Alices, six Helens and six Andrews - scary thought.  The blue sky, shirt-sleeves and shades is an accurate reflection of the prevailing weather here in California in December and is shown to make our UK friends jealous.  To shoot the image, we turned up at our local cinema in San Leandro, and spent 45 minutes putting on different clothes and standing in different positions in front of the box office, but this activity was apparently disturbing to the management, who eventually came out and banned us from the forecourt.  Oh well.

Note - Non-American spelling of the word Theatres.

Xmas Card 2002

The movies on the billboard are:

  • A Great American Adventure

  • Henry Coburn and the Chamber of Sealions

  • 007 - Drive Another Way

  • Lord of the Risks - Twin Tower Insurance

  • Gangs of Newark

  • Leisure Plan It

And on the obscured billboard they are:

  • Bowling for Berkeley

  • My Business Is Geek Shedding

  • Our Luggage in Panama

  • Earthquake II

  • Dante's Peek


The posters for forthcoming movies.

Christmas Card posters detail