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Christmas 2001

'The Family Album'

Images of our family during the festive season, being set into a Christmas photo album.  The photos featured include: 

  • the family building a snowman during the snowfall of 29 December 2000

  • Ditton Corner from the other side of the river, in the same snowfall

  • our family skiing holiday January 2000 (top)

  • Alice unwrapping  presents on Christmas morning in a Santa hat and blowing up a yellow balloon

  • Henry's last ever Nativity play at St. John's College School (can you spot Henry?)

  • Christmas eve dinner to celebrate Andrew's birthday: Uncle Nick plays his whistle

The Christmas card this year commemorates the passing of printed photographs, as digital photos become the new norm.  The image itself was taken with a digital camera.  And the photograph that Alice's hand is placing into the album is actually a digital composite image, superimposed into the picture, and distorted to look like a photograph printed on glossy paper.  What will people use to collect and keep their photographs in once they are all digital?  Why web sites of course.

True afficianados  may notice from Alice's sleeve that she is wearing the same shirt as she wore for last year's Christmas card, where her same sleeved hand is drawing Christmas at Ditton Corner.

Xmas Card 2001



One of the pictures shows Henry's last (ever) nativity play - he plays a Roman Soldier.  The picture is upside down on the card.

Henry in the Nativity