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Bumps & Carnage Group Photo 2004

Who was there?

Compare this with the same scene in 1910.

and who was there in 2003.

Bumps 2004 Group Picture

Bumps Party Trivia Quiz Question

How many hats have left the hands (and heads) of their owners?

Answer below.



Picture  #2004-90 Siobhan Malone

And here's the detailed riverbankarama to spot the mad fools recovering their hats...

Riverbankarama Panel 1Riverbankarama Panel 2Riverbankarama Panel 3Riverbankarama Panel 4

Picture  #2004-92 Siobhan Malone




Count them floating hats...


OK we make it 18.  Or maybe 17 - of course, depending on whether you think Helen actually let go of her hat. (At that price?!!?) ... Check this photographic evidence and make up your own minds.

Helen Hat Detail 116x116.jpg (6568 bytes)

Are her fingers touching that brim?