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Bumps & Carnage Group Photo 2003

Here we all are - Can you name everyone*?

Compare this with the same scene in 1910.

and who was there last year.

Bumps Party Trivia Quiz Question:  Which party attendee was wearing a hat in her father's "shocking" horse-racing colours to support a college rowing team?

 Bumps Group Photo 2003

More Pictures from the Bumps & Carnage Party 2003

Copies of the official photographs are available directly from Siobhan Malone - for this group photo ask for photograph #2003-103

Spotted the answer to the trivia quiz question yet?








* No, neither can we.

















Lady Soames

Lady Soames came along to cheer Churchill College, the college named after her father Sir Winston Churchill.  For those of us who have always wondered why Churchill College rows in shocking pink colours, she enlightened us that these were the family's traditional horse racing colours.

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