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Helen on Berkeley campus

Helen's Place

  • Helen spent 2002 to 2005 as a Visiting Scholar at the University of California at Berkeley - that's across the bay from San Francisco, on a beautiful campus with views to die for.   Still known by many as Beserkeley, the campus is dedicated to preserving its sixties reputation as the bastion of free speech and inexpensive herbal remedies.
  • She was based at the Institute of Urban & Regional Development ( housed in Wheeler Hall, close to the campanile at the centre of campus - see pic. 
  • Her research topic is Carbon emission permit trading in the international marketplace: implications for the built environment.   This area is coming to the forefront as a great way for developed countries (in Europe, for example) to meet their promise to limit greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto protocol.     The USA doesn't subscribe to Kyoto - ask George Bush's friends from Dallas why not.   But California might just lead the way (as usual) in showing the rest of the US what can be done.
  • While in California, Helen remains a director of Cambridge Architectural Research Limited.  Visit the Cambridge Architectural Research website to find out more on her activities there: