Aerial view of the riverThe Ditton Corner plot from the airFen Ditton - an aerial view

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Ditton Corner shrinks!

Floods and pestilence wreak havoc along the Cam

The lower terrace of the garden can be affected by floods when the River Cam is unusually high.  Swift flowing waters also eat away at the outside of the bend - our garden.

View across the flooded meadows from Ditton Corner  The River Cam in spate floods the garden edge at Ditton Corner

The River Cam in full spate on 6 February 2001 - flooding the meadows and coming over the banks at Ditton Corner.

The flood waters receded, taking with them a chunk of Ditton Corner...

Before - River Bank as it was in those halcyon days of last summer...           After - the bank has been scoured away beyond the treeline

Before and after - the riverbank has been scoured away by the floodwaters - washing it away beyond the treeline