Sunshine and Lightning

2011 Bumps & Carnage party at Ditton Corner

Sunshine for most of the day to watch the racing

Foreboding skies and lightning bolts accompanied the final divisions of the day

But the rowers weren't fazed...

...and the little ones had fun in wellies.

Let a Thousand Brollies Bloom

And then of course we had a couple of downpours in the afternoon. A fine collection of decorative rain protectors were wielded.


This is the twelfth year we have held our Bumps Party. We've had a rain shower on three of the twelve years. It hasn't stopped us enjoying ourselves yet.

The Party Group Photo

We did the photo on a new location this year. Was this better than the location we've used before? Compare with previous locations and let us know your opinion.

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2011 Bumps Party Photo Gallery

More pictures always appreciated - send us your photos of the event

Take a river...

..add some rowers...


...for a pop-up party.



Come rain...



..or shine...



...the Martins are equipped


Staff in black tie

Katie and Bill in black hats


Boating guests



Boating entertainers



The Ulrich family a-bloom



On a slide



Peter Ulrich's pants support Churchill...



...and the girls came good.



A green shade



No kidding!



Can I have my ball back please?



Friends united



Transport for the nobs...



...the plebs...


...and the discerning.


Elegant hats.



DeMaris and Danny with mega-hatted hostess



Sunny smiles



RMS Brains Trust



More RMS guys



Andrew Mills and Family



The Obligatory Coburn Family Photo



Hazel, Roger, Uncles Pete and Nick



The Coburn kids lounging on sleepers



Pateses and Baileys


Simon, Fiona, Paul and Anne


The Westburys with Andrew



Alice and the Jesus gang



The Smiths



Alice and Martyn



Le dejeuner sur l'herbe (but fully clothed)



Tim, Caroline and lots of poppies



Henry and friends



Max and Bill - who borrowed whose jacket?



Lucy, Katie, Bill and Emily go Op-Art.



Max and Kat



Hats the way we like 'em


Sailor and sweetheart

Life's a breeze


Studying the form



Taking shelter



Eyeing the weather


Hello sunshine!


...with a little help from our friends



The Smiths place bets on Jesus



Wrays...a glass to that!



Di with Platts and friends



Luki, Lauren, Anne, Jonathon and Ludo too



Siobhan gets the shot


Minna's baby, not mine - honest!

Siobhan takes a rain-break


Lucy Manktelow and mum Anne


Uncle Pete and Uncle Nick

Bagged! or hatted?


Fen Ditton friends


You have to be called Chris to work at RMS

More boats ahoy!


Barbeque Evolution



Collapsing the castle

The usual advertising mention for the caterers...

Our best wishes and sincere thanks to Muriel Ambourhouet who was taken seriously ill during the preparation for this year's event, but still managed to get everything done for us


Cheshire Cat 2011